WonderCon 2009: Anton Yelchin says he isn’t ‘Green Lantern’

02.28.09 9 years ago

Evan Agostini/AP

This May, Anton Yelchin will be in the business of reinterpreting classic characters. In “Star Trek,” he’ll channel his inner Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov. Then he follows Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese in “Terminator Salvation.”

One role Yelchin says he isn’t ready to put his own spin on is Hal Jordan in Michael Campbell’s take on “Green Lantern.”

All week long, the Internet has been all aswirl with reports that Yelchin was the top choice to topline the DC Comics adaptation. Then there were modified reports that Yelchin had, at the very least, read for the role and was under consideration.

“Yeah, I have no idea about that,” Yelchin told reporters at a WonderCon post-panel roundtable.

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Yelchin’s interview partner Bryce Dallas Howard chimed in, “He was talking about that on the plane.”

“I have no clue, nothing about that,” Yelchin expanded. “I have no idea. I think I’m probably too young. No one’s approached me. No one’s said anything to me. I imagine I’m just too young. I’s a great character, but I don’t know anything about it.”

So it’s completely untrue?

“Completely. I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Does that mean he hasn’t heard anything about getting the part? Does that mean they haven’t sent him the script? Does that mean that he got the script, read for the movie and came away feeling like he was too young? There are plenty of opportunities to read between the lines.

As of tonight? Anton Yelchin isn’t Green Lantern.

And while we’re at it, does Howard know if the gestating “Spider-Man 4” will have a role for Gwen Stacy to return?

“Also, absolutely no idea,” said Howard, who fills Claire Danes’ shoes as Kate Connor in “Terminator Salvation.” 

She added, “Typically after three films, they like to stir things up. As it stands, I’m really excited that it looks like there’s probably going to be another film, but as as far as whether or not my character is going to be involved, I have no idea.”

Would she do it if asked?

“If they ever felt like it was appropriate in terms of where the trajectory of the story, where it was going toward Gwen Stacey? Of course. Absolutely.  But I’m first a fan and I really trust Sam [Raimi] and I trust that group.”

“Terminator Salvation” opens on May 22.

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