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By 08.19.08

St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. That's probably the first and last reference to a palindrome used by Napoleon you'll see on this site. This week, at least.

  • SportsbyBrooks has the story of a guy who has seen all 119 Division 1-A football teams. Even Duke? Gah! Well, that's completism for you.
  • Puck Daddy feels for Chad LaRose, who is traumatized about hitting a bystander with a baseball. Those hockey players are known for their empathy, after all.
  • Every Day Should Be Saturday presents the dictates of proper gym use. Can I get an amendment for people who walk on treadmills? If not, how about a few bullets for them?
  • Uncoached looks at some questionable toys deemed appropriate for kids. Yeah, maybe the Manning kids.
  • Totally Looks Like finds a likeness for poker luminary T.J. Cloutier.Speaking of cookies, motherhood has done an Jessica Alba body good.

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