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Mookie Jones - Tuskegee

Clear And Present Meat

By 06.30.10

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  • One of those Russian spies that got arrested is not terrible-looking. What will become of our great nation if we incarcerate all of our hot imported women?

    The Smoking Gun.

  • How special is your beer? According to this taste test with generic beer brands, probably not much.


  • ESPN is really busting their budget to cover this NBA free agency.

    Tirico Suave.

  • We spoke to four-time Stanley Cup champ Darren McCarty last night. We were idiots. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy.

    House Of PUNTE .

  • The people at Kit Kat capitalized on that marathon match at Wimbledon. Now if they could only make a chocolate bar that didn’t taste like Polish army rations.


  • Twilight has ruined a lot more than just vampires.


  • That’s a big-assed fish.


  • More Miranda Kerr: it’s her new Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.

    Next Round.

  • The greatest fat guys of pro wrestling.

    The Wrestling Blog.

  • Interesting take on America’s war on drugs. You have to watch the video so you can see what’s in it…



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