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Are you in Amsterdam?  Would you like to throw in some Dutch comedy stylings while you watch Super Bowl XLI?  If you've got €55 and a morally casual attitude, then Boom Chicago is the place for you. Watching the Super Bowl in Amsterdam has to be at least as fun as watching it in Miami, I mean except without all that annoying warm weather and those bikini-clad women.  If your team starts tanking, you can always drop by a hash bar and then amble past the delightful red windows. 

In fact, every NFL Europe city is hosting their own Super Bowl extravaganza from Berlin to Frankfurt:

  • Berlin Thunder.  Where "blitz" still has negative connotations.
  • Hamburg Seadevils.  See if you can find the illegitimate children of the Beatles.
  • Coiogne Centurions.  We were going to go with "Fragrancers", but our first century conquerors were bad-ass.
  • Frankfurt Galaxy.  Hey, shitty nicknames aren't reserved for the NBA.
  • Rhein Fire. Not another regional team?! Pick a municipality, that goes for you too Minnesota.

So, if you're stuck in Europe on Super Bowl Sunday, you have six options (in Germany or Holland).  But stay out of France, and remember "Miami Heiss!" -KD

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