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11.19.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

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    • You could win a golden ticket to the Playboy Mansion. Just don’t be too upset if Gene Wilder collapses on the front steps halfway through the evening.

      THE Smoking Jacket.

      Video game news: All one has to do is say “Fallout: New Vegas” and my nipples get hard.


      Sofia Vergara animated GIFs, compliments of Ufford. So thank him.

      Warming Glow.

      When that earthquake happened in Haiti, people went bananas to help. Don’t expect the f it happens in Idaho.


      It’s every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream from every Arnold Schwarzenegger film. GIT TO DAH CHOPPAH!


      There is a Klingon rapper out there, and he is German. Honestly, that doesn’t sound any worse than the alternative: dating girls from Germany.

      Gamma Squad.

      I maintain that that Cee-Lo from the summer is one of the dumbest songs I’ve ever heard. Fresh…respected.

      THE Smoking Section.

      Apparently there’s a Barack Obama lookalike in Indonesia. The Indonesian Tea Party is somewhat less prominent.


      Eleven things in the world of tech to be excited about for 2011.


      Now you guys can stop bugging me about that gallery of women’s arm wrestling for which you’ve been pining.

      EGO TV Online.

      The debate over the greatest home gaming console rages on. How anyone could vote against the Atari 2600 is beyond me.

      Unreality Mag.

      Great opening credit sequences from series in television.


      Drinking games that you could play with Four Loko, as if trying to find it wasn’t fun enough.

      Fork Party.

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