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Until today, Sanford Kaplan was a geology instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as the varsity soccer coach at Lincoln Northeast High School. His true calling was an artist, it seems, because he liked to make floating mobiles out of his players.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner says 57-year-old Sanford Kaplan was arrested Wednesday afternoon  following complaints that numerous young boys were bound, blindfolded, gagged and suspended from the rafters of Kaplan's garage at 14647 Country Lane. Sheriff Wagner says the investigation currently involves boys as young as 13, who claim they were held prisoner and abused at Kaplan's home beginning in 2000. Wagner thinks there are other victims, some now as old as 23.

Suspended from the rafters? "What a marvelous job you've done for this team. I'm going to retire your number, only YOU'RE GOING TO HANG WITH IT!" 

Man was just trying to convert his garage into his trophy room. C'mon government, quit infringing on his personal bidness! 

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