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Colts tight end Dallas Clark isn't living quite as large as teammate Dominic Rhodes, but he's definitely maintaining a competitive edge in the offseason. Clark got thrown out of a high school girls basketball game on Saturday night for berating the refs.

Clark, a Livermore [Iowa] native and former Iowa football player, was asked to leave the gymnasium late in the third quarter of the district final game between Twin River Valley of Bode, where Clark attended high school, and Southeast Webster-Grand of Burnside in Burnside.

"I have seen other parents behave a lot worse, but he apparently got into one of the officials' ear," said Kirk Gilson, the athletic director at Southeast Webster-Grand. "I really don't know what led up to it, but apparently one of the referees didn't like what he heard from him."

Gilson said Clark left the gymnasium immediately and without incident after being asked by Dan Grandfield, the Southeast Webster-Grand principal.

Let's just recap this: Dallas Clark, a star NFL player and key component of the team that won the Super Bowl less than three weeks ago, was back in his Iowa hometown, where he was spending his Saturday night watching high school girls basketball, and he insulted the referees so deeply that the high school principal had to ask him to leave. For real.

When Clark left he was all, "That game sucked anyway." Then he went home and played some Sega Genesis and called his high school buddies at the plant to see if they wanted to come over later, because his parents have cable and there was totally gonna be something sweet on Skinemax. Party!

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