Dan Hampton Is A Man Of Poise And Tact

09.06.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

We here at With Leather are spending the day at the annual Uproxx Labor Day Family Picnic, so of course we’re not posting much, but I just took a break from giving Vince piggyfront rides to bring you a fine example of why having “Former NFL Player” and “Hall-of-Famer” on your resume doesn’t necessarily mean you should have a job in sports journalism. Dan “Danimal” Hampton appeared on Pro Football Weekly and the crew offered their picks for the NFL’s Week 1 action. Simple enough, right? Not for “Dipsh*t” Dan.

When it came time to predict the winner of the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings in their rematch of the NFC Championship game, Danimal – who seriously uses that nickname – said that the Vikings “need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina.” He then gave the camera guy a wedgie, pooped on the desk and challenged a 12-year old girl to a push-up contest.


Added Dan, “Wait, wait… I mean, the Vikings need to seep into the Saints food supply like hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil. No wait, I mean the Vikings need to move into the Superdome and sexually assault homeless women. Yeah, that works. Now the Steelers will welcome the Falcons but they have to burn that team like they’re General Sherman. Detroit is heading into Chicago and the Lions have to kick a lantern over and light the city on fire. The Ravens need to fly into New York… Hey, who shut my mic off?”

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