08.19.07 10 years ago

Further proof that the people of Thailand are perverted beyond what you thought possible: a Buddhist temple there has a shrine in the image of David Beckham:

The statue itself is definitely Beckham, sporting his floppy haircut from nearly a decade ago and even with the sponsorship logo Sharp picked out on his chest. It’s about half a metre high. As I wrote in my previous story about the David Beckham temple, the statue was installed at the temple in 1998 as part of the World Cup celebrations by Thai sculptor Thongruang Haemhod. According to this BBC News story, Thongruang wanted to add it because football is the new religion, and the temple’s abbot agreed.

The statue is also believed to be softer than Victoria Beckham's breasts.

I had a statue erected in Thailand, you know.  Well, not so much a "statue" in the strict American definition.  More of an obelisk.  Built by two 16-year-olds wise beyond their years, and polished diligently every day since then.

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