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Former Saints running back and current butt end of poop jokes Deuce McAllister filed for bankruptcy protection for his Nissan dealership in Mississippi. It’s one of two dealerships where he’ll be spending his time since being dumped by the Saints last month, and also the second news story in four months involving Saints, cars, and a Deuce. From USA Today:

Nissan’s financing division says in a federal court filing that the free agent owes more than $6.6 million, nearly $300,000 in interest, plus other fees, after McAllister defaulted on a deal with the company, then exceeded his credit line. McAllister said the bankruptcy filing is an attempt to hold on to his assets and he’s looking for partners to help return him to solvency.

“It’s basically the tough economic times that we’re in,” McAllister told The Associated Press. “(The difficulty) was pretty much standard over the last eight months, not only with gas prices, but with credit.”

McAllister was adamant in claiming that his dealership, Deuce McAllister Nissan of Jackson, was still open for business, and that he’d be able to sign with another team for 2009, which obviously would pay off some of that debt. I guess Deuce’s credit just got pinched off. Here’s hoping he’ll be able to wipe this issue away cleanly. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

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