12.10.09 8 years ago

NFL analyst and former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms was asked about what kind of pro Tim Tebow would be, and while Simms said that Tebow would probably make it in the NFL as a quarterback, he didn’t think that the Florida signal-caller would be quite the hero that he had been in Gainesville.

“I think it’s a pretty tough road ahead. I think he has to make some changes as far as how he throws if he wants to be a successful NFL quarterback.”

“It’s about the arm,” Simms said. “It’s about the arm. Let’s just get over that. . . . It’s not a powerful arm, by no means. It’s not quick. He’s just really got to control the football better. He doesn’t control it as well as he should to really be a top-flight NFL quarterback, but that can change.”–PFT, via 100% Injury Rate.

That can change! Optimism! But let’s be fair, Phil Simms is also the father of Chris Simms, a kid that couldn’t even keep his spleen in his body while playing a full NFL season. So Phil may not be the best resource on this, even if he seems to be saying what everyone else is thinking. I wish everyone was thinking of buffalo wings, because I could really go for some of those right now.

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