08.22.08 9 years ago

I'm always uncomfortable with anyone sexualizing female gymnasts, because even a lot of the ones who are of legal age have that "little girl" feel to them.  It's like checking out girls at the senior prom.  Sure, a lot of 'em are 18, but — never mind.  I've said too much.

So let's make sure I'm not gonna get arrested.  Front and center and gold medalist in my heart: Alicia Sacramone, age 20.  Second from left, Nastia Liukin, age 18.  Phew.  After that it gets kinda tough.  Far right, Chellsie Memmel?  She's 20.   After that… I can't place the other two.  Try not to look at them, just in case.

Well, at least no website's put up pictures of 16-year-old Shawn Johnson in a bikini, right?  Oh.  Oh that's that's not good.  Man, I've never been so happy to have the comments turned off.

[Banned in Hollywood via Sports by Brooks

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