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So there’s this guy who’s into harness racing. No, really into harness racing. I would have thought that this would be the only sport without groupies. I was wrong.

Erick Rivera [not pictured] was charged with five counts each of sexual misconduct with an animal and burglary after a six-month investigation at the Goshen Historic Track in Orange County.

Rivera sneaked into the track at night from his nearby rented room and abused the animals, Goshen Village Police Chief James Watt said. Horsemen became suspicious beginning in July when they found the fillies bridled and immobilized in their stalls during morning checks. –NY Daily News.

Apparently, surveillance cameras caught all of Rivera’s transgressions on tape. Now that’s hot. He’s being held on $15,000 bail, or $3,000 per horse. But those are New York prices for you. He could have plowed his own stable in Ohio for about two-thirds of that. Uh, I mean, that’s what I read somewhere. Horse and Hound, I think. Or maybe it was Whores and Hound. Whatever.

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