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Now, a lot of people are already calling this the worst airball ever.  Surely that’s just the usual Internet Shanoffian hyperbole, right?  Um, no:

I used to operate the scoreboard for middle school games. I have never seen anything half that bad. –Unsilent Majority

When I was in high school I had a part time job keeping score at rec league games.  I’ve seen thousands of terrible kids take thousands of terrible shots, but that is probably the worst shot I’ve ever seen– even worse than shooting at the wrong goal. –flubby

By the way, I’m not really serious about that headline.  Suicide is never the answer, unless you’re already old, in which case stop breathing my air.  But you shouldn’t kill yourself over an airball, even if it’s as bad as this one.  You should just change your name and move to a different state.  But if you have to kill yourself — I mean, like, moving is out of the question — then hey, at least you get your own page in the yearbook!

[Don Chavez]

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