It’s Easier To Punch A Guy When He’s Already Down On One Knee. Here’s Proof

03.29.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Despite all the punching and who-hahhing over the weekend, this middleweight fight between Andre Dirrell and Arthur Abraham arguably deserves extra attention, if only for demonstrating the whole reason to have both men standing in a boxing match. Dirrell, the black guy, slips in the corner, and the wily Armenian pops him before he can get back up. Video’s after the jump, and it’s worth just seeing the poor guy roll around like a turtle stuck on his shell. Before Dirrell caught that illegal fist, he was comfortably ahead on the scorecards, and everyone is cool with the decision to disqualify Abraham. Well, everyone except Abraham, presumably. via Bad Left Hook. Thanks, Jack.

Roll to the 0:50 mark of the video.

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