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The New York Jets will be opening the same stadium as their old co-tenants at the same time. So why do the Jets feel that they were treated unfairly after they were named the visiting team for their September 12th game against the Giants?

“When the issue of which team would be hosting the first regular-season game could not be resolved on the merits, I suggested a coin toss as the fairest way to resolve this issue. The league rejected that idea. Then, I was told on Friday that a coin toss had taken place at the league office and that the Jets had lost. We rejected a process in which neither team was present. The league departed from our time-honored tradition and declined the opportunity to set the matter straight with a transparent process.”

The Giants had no complaints.

“We look forward to playing the first regular-season game ever in the new stadium,” Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon said. “We have a great new home, and it’s right next door to Giants Stadium, a building that housed our three Super Bowl championship teams. We look forward to building the same legacy for our new stadium, and it starts on Sept. 12.” –the monolith.

Honestly, I don’t see the big deal, but I wonder if they used the same coin that essentially gave Chad Pennington the starting QB job for the Jets back in 2005. I’ll be amazed if that organization ever goes through with a coin toss ever again. If they ever take a game to overtime next season, they should just beat up the referee. My own personal amusement at that will just be a bonus.

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