Lincecum Kissing: What, No Tongue?

07.27.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Tim Lincecum, with his flowing mane and impish baby face, is such a dreamboat. The Cy Young winner generally gives his fans some love, but this time he did literally (/slaps knee, while hysterically laughing). Tim took time out of whatever it is pitchers do in the dugout to make a young lady’s wildest fantasies come true.

A girl at the Giants game lost her kiss virginity…she meets Giants ace pitcher Tim Lincecum for the second time, but this time he kisses her…and it’s her first kiss the background you could hear a dude say..” I didn’t get a kiss” Oh yea.. he also signed a baseball for her little brother..What a great guy.. –Terez Owens

They say chivalry’s dead, but thankfully guys like Lincecum are there to make the rest of us look better. In fact, instead of holding a door for an old lady, I’ll purposely slam it in her face. They’re called boot straps, sweetheart, pull yourself up with them. Video after the jump.

–via Terez Owens

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