11.27.09 8 years ago

I really think that if Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was a few years younger, he never would have gone into coaching football, but instead would have spent his formative years in a college computer lab, learning HTML while fiddling with his GeoCities site (uh, not speaking from experience or anything). Because his mastery of the F word is terrific. And if you’re curious about McDaniels’ abilities at winning motherfugging games, his Broncos had lost four straight before finally righting the ship last night, beating the Giants, 26-6. The Giants, apparently, were content to lose this motherfugging game; New York now have dropped five of their last six. Tip of the unbuckled belt to Last Angry Fan.

There were no big shockers in the two other NFL games from Gobble Gobble Day: Green Bay threw for 348 yards while blowing out Detroit and Oakland got stomped by the Cowboys. Pat yourself on the back if you started Donald Driver (142 yards receiving, 1 TD) or Miles Austin (145, 1 TD) in fantasy this week. And if you didn’t, well, maybe a cold turkey sandwich will make you feel better. Because there’s nothing better on the day after eating a metric ton of turkey…than more turkey.

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