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  • Last call to join the UPROXX Pool Of Awesome college hoops bracket. There will be prizes for the top three finishers.
  • A terrific listing of the tournament games: who’s playing when, and who’s announcing it.

    Midwest Sports Fans.

  • Here’s a bracket pitting each school’s alumni against one another in place of tournament teams.

    Rumors & Rants.

  • A list of “Most Punchable Faces” in the tournament.

    G Money Sack.

  • ESPN’s Jemele Hill made a bracket of ghetto movies. This has to be my favorite bracket gimmick so far.


  • Why do the show creators of TLC hate America?


  • These fans of college basketball are pretty.

    Bleacher Report.

  • This is one way to protest criminalizing marijuana in the United States…

    Hail Mary Jane.

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