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A few months ago, who woulda thunk it? Not only has Michael Vick integrated himself back onto an NFL team, he is now set to receive an award from an organization that is “dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children and ending the cycle of abuse.”

The players on the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen Michael Vick to be the recipient of the team’s Ed Block Courage Award, which is given to a player, who in the “eyes of his fellow teammates, is a source of inspiration and courage.” Vick will be presented with the honor at the Ed Block Courage Awards, which is held annually in Baltimore every March. Wait. Baltimore?

The Ed Block Courage Award is given to a player on all 32 teams. It is named for a former Baltimore Colts trainer who was an advocate for abused children. via.

Ah, I see. I was wondering why any person in their right mind would want to be in Baltimore in March. Or any other month for that matter.

Nevertheless, to be fair to Mr. Vick, by all accounts he seems to have done and said all of the right things as he attempts to become a relevant player once again in the NFL. A few years ago, no one thought he would even land a job in the NFL let alone be receiving humanitarian awards. So I guess there is hope for everyone – that no matter how far you have fallen, if you try hard enough, rededicate yourself to performing good works, and most importantly, believe that dreams can come true, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Except for mimes. They are the worst. Screw those freaks.

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