MM: San Fran’s Coach Outed…Wait

12.27.10 7 years ago

You know your coaching acumen is questionable when the leader of your division is under .500 and you’re still two game behind them. Mike Singletary finishes his tenure in San Fran with an 18-22 record and one fun tale of browneye.

Nerds across the world have managed to hack the Xbox 360’s new Kinect interface. Here are 12 of the best Kinect.

How much money has Wikipedia’s creepy campaign raised? Enough to post those horrible headshots for an entire year!

When I see one of these plotlines in a Christmas-themed show, I reflexively vomit. Wait, maybe that’s the ipecac-flavored egg nog.
Warming Glow.

I love it when Vince does this: Little Fockers plot recreated with scathing reviews.

Here’s a review of…if I can read the card here…Ghostface Killah’s Apollo Kids. Fresh…respected.
THE Smoking Section.

Want to be a big hit in the music industry? Get to know a strip club DJ. It’s not news…

Here are some holiday cards produced from the gaming industry. The “Custer’s Revenge” tribute was my favorite.
G4 TV.

Finally: It’s the interview with Weird Al Yankovic for which you’ve been pining.
Adult Swim.

Recording artist Jay-Z is set to earn $1 Million for his upcoming NYE appearance.
The Urban Daily.

And here’s a goof and a spoof on Rex Ryan’s foot odyssey.

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