09.21.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

Over the last few seasons, we’ve enjoyed healthy debate over which of the league’s 32 signal-callers was the best quarterback in the NFL. Today, the debate is over: Drew Brees stands alone on the mountain top, yelling random combinations of colors and numbers before taking the snap and decimating his opponents. Last week, it was a shootout with the Lions. Yesterday, it was an asswhipping of the McNabb-less Philadelphia Eagles.

As Eagles defensive back Joselio Hanson put it, “Drew Brees is an animal.”

And now Brees has plenty of help, with running backs Mike Bell and Reggie Bush, wide receiver Marques Colston, tight end Jeremy Shockey and a solid offensive line. This won’t be the last time these guys drop 40 points on somebody. via.

Tom Brady lost against the Jets and Pey-Pey waddles into Miami tonight. But Brees, in this fantasy-obsessed football universe, is making all the idiots that drafted him in the first round look like geniuses. Oh, and I guess the Saints look pretty good as well at 2-0. Too bad they couldn’t have done this right after Katrina hit. Because what those people really needed was some good football…

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