Myron Rolle…Kind Of A Dickie

04.20.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

Here’s former Florida State Seminole and current Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle show you how smart he is by wearing an ascot. Hey, that’s great Myron. It’s too bad that nobody’s planning on drafting you because you’re “too smart for the NFL.” Go be a neurosurgeon; that should be a promising career now with universal health care, even with a 4.67 time in the 40.

Rolle took advantage of a free college education, which is often taken for granted, and parlayed that into a Rhodes, the Heisman Trophy of academics. And now he has career options: Play football as long as his body is young and strong, then use his medical anthropology degree to become a doctor and save lives. –NFL Draft Bible.

Gay. Who has time to save lives when there are so many women to bang and construction workers to run over with one’s Bentley? Some people need to realize that playing in the NFL is a privilege, and that you can’t just show up with your Rhodes Scholarship and expect to have the world handed to you. Actually, Rolle’s projected to be a fourth-round pick on most boards. Too bad; I would have loved to see somebody wear spats in the green room. Img via SB Nation.

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