07.15.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

Some patriotic citizen named Dean Fidelman spends a lot of time photographing nude women rock climbing, and he's done enough of it that he now has a calendar called "Stone Nudes" for sale.  The Stone Nudes website is NSFW, but in that artsy black-and-white boobs-only kinda way, so you get a more intellectual kind of boner.

Pimping the calendar is the always-hilarious Daily Mail (via SbB), which says:

It is the latest extreme sport craze to sweep the US, and is now tipped to become a popular pastime in the UK… [Fidelman said,] 'Hundreds of people are now participating in a sport that captures the true essence of the climbing spirit.'

Yes, an extreme sport "sweeping" the United States (population 300 million) now has hundreds of people taking part.  Why, it's the biggest American phenomenon since Mariah Carey starred in Glitter.  Be careful, Great Britain!  Once four or five people pick it up over there, it will be a worldwide pandemic of naked rock climbing!

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