11.01.06 11 years ago 12 Comments

Oh, you say bikini bullriding isn't a sport? Well, pay attention. There's Anita, a single mom pressured into riding by her boyfriend. Jamie Lee has the most talent, but she has to deal with unemployment, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and a disapproving mother. Bekki's Mennonite parents don't know about her part-time passion; she's the hot cocktail waitress working her way through law school. Melody is an orphan who just wants to ride. And Maria is a 37-year-old Russian expatriate who escaped Communism for the sole purpose of bullriding (bonus: she's built like a brick shithouse). Listen, these women just want the chance to compete. In a bar. For a motorcycle.

You still say bikini bullriding isn't a sport? I say fuck you. Fuck you very much. Watch this clip and tell me these women aren't athletes.

Also, as the guy in front of the monster truck says, "hopefully one of her boobs'll fall out."

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