Oh, Come The F–k On…

08.12.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

I think we’re just inventing things to be racist about now. There’s a piece in the New York Times today (as in “piece of sh*t.” Oh, man. I’m so clever it hurts) about yet another alleged example of institutional racism in Major League Baseball–the “lack” of minorities as third base coaches. Third base coaches? Baseball might be the only place in America that thinks they don’t have enough black guys waiting around on the corner.

Among baseball’s 30 teams, only 23 percent of the third-base coaches are members of minorities, compared with 67 percent of its first-base coaches. The disparity has existed for decades but it is now about twice as large as it was in 1990, based on an analysis by The New York Times.

The question is why.


Current and former minority coaches and managers said they had noticed the disparity for years, but none attributed it to racism.


Instead, some of the former coaches, along with diversity experts, questioned whether race may be playing a more subtle role, with minorities routinely funneled into a job at first base that is less demanding than the one at third.

Look, I’m not saying that institutional racism doesn’t exist at that level (and really, part of the reason that I’m comfortable joking about it is because it has been adressed in recent years), but don’t most of the managers just hire their drinking buddies for the coaching staff? I don’t think anyone would argue that those jobs are given out solely on merit, or that merit is even a prime consideration. It’s just one of the fringe benefits, apparently, that come from being friends with grumpy old white people. So make friends with a white person. You might be surprised when you realize that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

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