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We’re now in the phase of the MLB season where the leagues glacially roll out their post-season awards; and we were moderately tickled to see Kansas City Royals ace and object of female WL readers’ affection Zack Greinke scoop up the AL Cy Young Award after one of the best seasons in baseball history. Greinke finished the season with 229-1/3 innings pitched, a 2.12 ERA and a pant-droppingly low 1.07 WHIP.

Greinke’s struggles with anxiety disorder are a part of his life and cost him most of two big-league seasons. But his poised brilliance on the mound conceals a young man who still isn’t terribly comfortable with all the recognition his talent has brought him. “He didn’t even answer the Cy Young call because he did not recognize the number on his cell phone,” the Kansas City Star’s Joe Posnanski writes. –The Daily Fix [Wall Street Journal]

Of course the nerds are rejoicing, as they feared that Greinke would lose the award to one of the six players that finished the season with more wins. They pointed to a stat called Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), but really that sounds like a bunch of hogwash. Why use a bunch of statistics for such a thing when there are plenty of unbiased sportswriters at your disposal? Those guys are really knowledgeable and certainly would weigh each player’s performance equally. Especially when Greinke goes to play for the Yankees in 2011.

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