12.05.06 11 years ago 12 Comments

Say hello to Matt Simms. Just like Daddy and big brother Chris, Matt plays quarterback — he's headed to Louisville next year. 

More importantly, as The Out Route points out, he's an insufferable little shit of a prick. Simms just led Don Bosco Prep to the New Jersey state title over hated rival St. Peter's Prep, a 41-0 blowout in which he exuded all kinds of class.

After every touchdown, Simms taunted the St. Peter's sideline. After taking a knee to end the game, he ran over to the St. Peter's sideline, gave their fans the finger and cursed at them, and continued to taunt the St. Peter's players… After the game, Matt… refused to apologize to the Marauders or their coach. Chris Simms had to man-up, no doubt embarassed by his brother's behavior, and go into the Marauder locker room to apologize to St. Peter's on Matt's behalf.

There aren't any more Simmses, are there? I thought the Mannings could be irritating, but this quarterback family is quickly overtaking them in terms of how badly there needs to be a tragic fire in their home during Christmas. Not that I'm implying that I'd do something like that. I wouldn't want to wish death on anyone. Just a five-alarm inferno that takes all of their worldly possessions and burns Matt beyond recognition. I think that's fair.

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