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Too much going on today; gotta cram these law-breaking leftovers into one post. 

TWO CANADIENS SPENT THE NIGHT IN JAIL — Defenseman Ryan O'Byrne was charged with felony grand larceny for stealing a woman's purse; forward Tom Kostopoulos merely resisted an officer. "They were arrested around 3 a.m. outside Whiskey Park, a popular watering hole in South Tampa. The incident started when a woman set her purse on the counter top, according to the police report. She noticed it was missing and allerted [sic] the bouncers. They saw O'Byrne outside with the woman's purse in one hand and her cellphone in the other."  To be fair to O'Byrne, he was going to return the purse and phone as soon as he finished taking cell phone pictures of his cock.  (via FanHaus)

OHIO STILL OHIO"Police in southwest Ohio said three members of a freshman high school boys basketball team are expected to be charged Monday with gross sexual imposition after an alleged assault on a teammate… A police officer wrote in a report that the alleged victim said a teammate made him have sexual contact with another teammate."  Nothing says builds camaraderie quite like anal violation.  It's the real reason prisons have such high recidivism. (via Deadspin)

LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION FOR NEXT WORLD CUP? — It's either that or organize an anti-Cristiano Ronaldo task force. (via YardBarker)

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