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Last week's trade of Shaquille O'Neal from the Heat to the Suns sparked an interesting debate (other than Worst trade ever?, that is): with Shaq being the central figure of the final minute of the Atlanta-Miami game that was protested because the Hawks' scorer erroneously attributed an extra foul to O'Neal that resulted in him fouling out, what will the NBA do about the final minute that is scheduled to be replayed on March 8th?

Oh God, it's the long-lost script for Shaq to the Future!  Will Shaq play for Miami for one game?  Will Marcus Banks and Shawn Marion be allowed to play instead?  Should they play with five fouls?  AHHH NOBODY KNOWS!!!  Al, find out what Ziggy needs Shaq to do!  The NBA is breaking free from the laws of Newtonian physics!  God save us all!


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