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And to think, their shop teachers said they’d never amount to anything.

Monday Night Football’s late half of the doubleheader featured the Raiders sucking against the Broncos.  And you may be surprised to learn this, but dozens of fans were kicked out of the stadium for poor behavior (link via FanIQ).  Get ready to read about… Booze!  Cop-punching!  Stun guns!  Styrofoam shoulder spikes!

Police say they arrested 45 Oakland Raiders fans and used stun guns to break up several fights at Monday night’s game against the Denver Broncos.The arrests for drunkenness, fighting, assault and drug charges were on top of dozens of ejections for minor offenses such as sitting in the wrong seat.

Authorities say three police officers were hurt when a brawl broke out… Two of the officers suffered cuts and bruises when they were punched in the face. The third officer suffered a broken finger.

A police spokesman noted that some people attended the game “just to start trouble.”  Makes sense to me.  The alternative is actually watching the Raiders.

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