01.26.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

NFL prospect and Filipino foreskin connoisseur Tim Tebow has been struggling in his week at Senior Bowl camp, much to the chagrin of baby Jesus and the delight of pretty much everyone else. One report coming out of Mobile, Alabama summarizes Tebow’s travails rather nicely:

Tebow has two strikes against him already. One is that he has a funny throwing motion that involves him dropping the ball practically to his knee. The second is that, like Alex Smith before him, he took the lion’s share of his snaps in college from the shotgun. That seemed to be an issue today. NFL Net’s Lindsay Soto reported that Tebow botched his first snap from center and also fumbled “five or six” snaps during the practice. Yikes. –Matt Barrows/SacBee.

I still think that Tebow sticking his hands under the center’s ass triggers his homophobia. It’s the only explanation out there, once you look at the science. I’m hoping that the NFL invites Tebow into the green room for the NFL draft, just so that he can sit in there all Thursday night and then stay in there until Friday. And you know that he’d stay in there the whole time, too. The real world is just entirely too impure for Timmy Tebow.

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