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In an attempt to lure fans to the arena during these economically lean times, the New Jersey Nets are offering free tickets to unemployed people.

[T]he basketball team will give unemployed fans who submit their resumes to the Nets Job Bank up to four free tickets, plus access to a Nov. 22 career fair at their home arena, team president and chief executive Brett Yormark said. The team also will distribute applicants’ resumes to its sponsors.

“Hopefully they’ll come out and experience the Nets, and then when times get better they’ll invest in us, because we invested in them,” Yormark said.

Oh sure.  For the fans.  Riiiiiiiight.  No mention of the fact that the Nets will screen resumes of people from New Jersey for any potential “construction experts” who might have experience with — how do I put this subtly? — disposing of bodies.  “No, we haven’t seen Vince Carter in months, officer…”

[Hugging Harold Reynolds]

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