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Tony Romo led the Cowboys in a dominating win over the Browns in Cleveland last Sunday, in the process taking a helmet to the face that opened up a huge gash in his chin.  But when he got back to Dallas, Romo was still nice enough to stop and help Bill and Sharon White, a couple of Cowboys fans who were stranded in a strip mall parking lot.  They were struggling to fix a flat tire, and Romo managed to get them back on the road.

“He gets almost knocked cold in that game, and I read it took 13 stitches to close the cut, and then there’s a long flight home [the Cowboys charter arrived at around 11 p.m.] and Tony’s got to be dog tired, but he still was a good enough person to stop and help us,” Bill said.

“Look, we’re driving a 10-year old car that is sitting in a parking lot with a flat tire in the dead of night. He could tell by that we’re nothing special. But here’s a young man making millions of dollars, and he’s got all this fame and glory, and he does this?”

Guhhh.  This is annoying.  Is it so much to ask for All-Pro dimpled quarterbacks who date big-breasted pop stars to be dickheads?  To make matters worse, “No Cowboys official knew about [Romo’s act] even by Wednesday.”  So he didn’t even do it for PR.  He’s just… nice.  Ugh.

Whatever, he’s dating Jessica Simpson.  He was probably just craving a conversation where he didn’t have to explain how can openers or corkscrews work.

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