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Today in the ongoing Vince Young saga, everything is totally fine.  Nothing to report.  He’s going to miss 2-4 weeks with that little knee sprain, but mentally he’s stronger than ever.

Tennessee fans adore him.  Opposing fans can’t help but be impressed by his broad shoulders and confident leadership style.  A driven, goal-oriented man this strong is sure to become one of the all-time greats.  No one can doubt this and retain their credibility.

You know, before he was drafted, Vince Young got the highest score on the Wonderlic ever.  It was like 1600 or something.

He’s so smart, psychiatrists have gone over to his house this week to ask him for advice.  True story.

I know one thing for certain: our lives are all richer since we’ve been touched by the magic of watching Vince Young play quarterback in the NFL.  He is a delicate, beautiful snowflake; a Monet at a high school art show; a candle in the wind.  Never knowing … who to cling to … when the rain set in.

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