Here's The Trailer For Disney's Latest Heart String Tugger 'Million Dollar Arm'

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Disney's latest heartwarming sports film is 'Million Dollar Arm,' which stars Jon Hamm as an agent who goes to India to find baseball's new talent.


Grudge Match Trailer: Stallone, DeNiro Go Raging Bull vs. Rocky in Boxing Super Group Movie

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70-year-old Robert DeNiro already let Ben Stiller stab him in the boner for Little Fockers, so why wouldn't he take his shirt off and box a few rounds with Sly Stallone for Grudge Match.

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REVIEW: Stand Up Guys is In Bruges with bad Viagra jokes

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Excuse Me, Sir, Your Chemically-Induced Boner Needs Draining Pacino and Walken.


Argo Review: An Oscar for Ben Affleck’s Beard

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Argo is not the kind of movie that expands the artistic possibilities of what a movie can be, but it's just about the high-water mark of what you can do with skilled craftsmanship alone.

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Stand Up Guys (Trailer)


A pair of aging con men try to get the old gang back together for one last hurrah before one of the guys takes his last assignment -- to kill his comrade.


WATCH: 'Argo,' Ben Affleck's tribute to Hart Bochner in Die Hard

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Argo, opening October 12th, rated Arg for Argo, just released its first trailer.



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Check out the trailer here Constipated South African Gavin Hood has been hard at work directing Reese Witheredpoon and Meryl Streep in Rendition, a movie in which.

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