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6 Dumb Things Movies Do to Make Their Special Effects Less Effective

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Most of the movies us nerds are looking forward to in 2012 have something in common -- lots and lots of special effects.


TorrentFreak’s Top 10 Most-Downloaded Movies of All Time

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<a href="" target="_blank">TorrentFreak</a> recently released their list of the top-ten most downloaded movies of all time: The list below is based on statistics is gathered from public BitTorrent trackers, dating back to early 2006.


This Is Literally Metal: The Awesome Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Original Giants Of Steel


Earlier this month, car enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, AKA the Frankfurt Motor Show.


James Cameron’s Avatar Heads To Disney Parks


You know, I thought it exhausting enough just getting my lazy ass to the movie theater to see James Cameron's Avatar.


James Cameron Bringing Cat-Monkey Pterodactyl Rape to Disney World

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Disney has announced a historic partnership with James Cameron and Jon Landau to bring Avatar-themed attractions to Disney theme parks.


Honest LaBeouf Says Transformers 3 Is The Greatest 3-D Film Ever


By all accounts, Shia LaBeouf seems like a <a href="">pretty honest dude</a>.


James Cameron’s Amazon tribe about to have their Hometree bulldozed

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You may remember late last year Brazil's environment agency gave its definitive approval on Wednesday for construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, a controversial $17 billion project in the Amazon.

48 fps

Get Ready For Way More Hobbits Per Second


If you thought The Hobbit was going to look just like The Lord of the Rings movies, think again.


James Cameron Won’t Tone Down The “Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap”

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We've replaced James Cameron's <a href="../2011/01/james-cameron-wants-to-live-in-a-pineapple-under-the-sea">submarine</a> with a hippie drill.


James Cameron Talks Avatar Sequels, Presumably On Unobtanium Telephone

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In between his busy schedule of discussing with his team of engineers (in a language he invented) how to make <a href="" target="_blank">swimming in a pool of gold coins</a> physically possible, James Cameron sat down to talk Avatar sequels with <a href="" target="_blank">Entertainment Weekly</a>.

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

Avatar Dude Abides, Gets His Eighth Na’vi Back Tattoo (Gallery)

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Sometimes, if you really like a movie you brag about it to your friends.


James Cameron signs on for Pocahontas Cat Monkey 2, 3

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If you're James Cameron, how do you top the highest-grossing movie of all time.

attack of the show

James Cameron shows off 3D camera rig

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James Cameron took time out of his busy schedule eating Komodo-dragon-egg sushi off the breasts of his new Ukranian wife-slaves on his yacht recently to drop by <a href="" target="_blank">G4's Attack of the Show</a> to show off the Cameron-Pace 3D camera rig with which he shot Avatar.


James Cameron might’ve been telling the truth

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Back when Fox was promoting the release of Avatar, I always just assumed the whole James-Cameron-had-to-wait-for-the-technology-to-catch-up part of the story was just another one of those mostly-bullsh*t soundbites that isn't literally true but gets repeated so often that it becomes part of the mythology (you know, like, say, "he's not just creating a movie, he's <a href="" target="_blank">creating a whole universe</a>.

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