This ‘Science World’ Commercial Was Banned In Canada Because It’s Too Violent

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According to the Television Bureau of Canada, a guy getting kicked in the nuts before he steps in front of a bus is too 'violent' for TV.


Watch Denmark’s Banned Voting PSA That Went A Little Too Far With The Cartoon Sex And Violence

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This now banned PSA makes a better case for moving to Denmark than voting in Denmark.


Australia Gets All The Good Banned Condom Commercials

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Can't imagine why the condom commercial with two people doing It in a drug store was banned.

#Viral Videos

Watch The Banned Protein Shake Ad That Has Too Much Masturbation Innuendo For Television

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You'll be shocked to discover banning a commercial with lots of masturbation innuendo is the best advertising.


Watch The Pamela Anderson Bikini Ad That Was Banned For Being ‘Degrading To Women’

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Here's the Pamela Anderson commercial that was deemed to be too "sexist" by the British.


Yeah, This Wouldn’t Play On Monday Night Football (NSFW)

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This German Sprite ad > pretty much anything on US television.

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