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The Immersive, Fantastic Pro-Wrestling World Of Illustrator Adam Ratliff

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The fantasy worlds of Adam Ratliff illustrate the personal connection we can call feel towards wrestling and pop culture.


12 Great TV Shows That Had Lame First Seasons

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Some great television shows started out not-so-great. Here are 12 of them you may know and love.

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While prosthetic images of what Beavis and Butthead might look like in real life are terrifying, the image of a real-life Cartman is kind of sad.


Real-Life Beavis and Butthead Will Haunt Your Nightmare’s Nightmares

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Kevin Kirkpatrick, one of Hollywood's leading prosthetic makeup artist (he did work on The Wolfman, the upcoming Avengers movie, and is responsible for the prosthetic artistry on Lincoln in this summer's Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) took the liberty of designing these prosthetic models showing what Beavis and Butthead would look like in real life.

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More Star Wars Blu-Ray Edits No Less Ridiculous Than The Real Ones

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If you thought the changes George Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy were silly and unnecessary, we have good news: someone improved on LucasArt's "improvement" of the scene where Vader hurls the Emperor to his death to save Luke.

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Morning Links: Up Next On American Gladiators, Assault

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Sports Gina Carano's Haywire Has New Photos - I wish I'd been around a couple of years ago to try and convince you "American Gladiators" was a sports thing.

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