The Police Blotter

While You Were Sleeping, Benzino Was Arrested Last Night

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Benzino arrested in Atlanta airport after a gun was found in his baggage.


In Which We Look Back On The Life And Career Of Eminem

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The rap beef that changed Marshall Mathers' life.


Benzino Releases Song About Being Shot By His Nephew

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"N*ggas shot up my car, walk away like Benzino"

The Police Blotter

Benzino Shot At His Mom’s Funeral

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Rapper returns to Boston and ends up on the wrong side of a gun in family dispute.

XXL Magazine

Video: Benzino Is Alive Apparently

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It looks like YN’s angry, less relevant doppelganger is at it again.


“And Dog, You Just Did A Song With Bobby Brown…”

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Other than <a href="">the introspective Em</a>, his asshole alter ego may be what I most remember him by.


The Almighty RSO – “We’re Notorious” 12″ Vinyl

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Raydog aka Benzino holdin it down like the menacing force that he is.


100 To 3

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<a title="100 to 3 by MZ - TSS, on Flickr" href=""> What better way for The Source to ring in '98 with their 100th issue? With LL on the cover holding five golden Mics, the house that Mays & Benzino built was living the life as the industry standard when it came to magazines. Looking back on their 9-plus years covering the music we all enjoy, they provided top 100 lists for the best singles, albums, covers, athletes, etc as they not only celebrated their existence but the culture as well. This was evident in all of the congratulations from labels and artists in the advertising. Not satisfied to just recollect on the past, The Source also looked to the future technology would play in regards to the music and how its influences were making the music a global phenomenon. However, a group of disgruntled staffers had defected with the sole focus of creating a magazine to knock The Source off its pedestal. Unhappy with Benzino's increasing influence in the editorial and ratings, they fashioned XXL in The Source's template. After using '97 to lay a foundation, XXL started a consistent publication cycle starting with issue #3 in '98. Double covers and <a href="">Eye Candy</a> were two of the few things that differentiated to two as XXL scrambled to secure an audience.

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