The Best Rejected Candy Hearts The Internet Has To Offer This Valentine’s Day

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#RejectedCandyHearts is trending and has subsequently given us these gems to make Valentine's Day suck a little less.


Here Are 10 Of The Best Mashups From 2013 To Help Get You To The New Year

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2013 gave us a hundred different versions of "Blurred Lines," but we also got a mashup of Chris Farley and Rob Ford. So it all balanced out in the end.


The Fifteen Best Comic Books Of 2013

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The best comic books of 2013 was a hard list to make, but we whittled it down to fifteen books worth your time and money.


The Infinite Wisdom Of Creed Bratton, Just In Time For ‘The Office’ Series Finale

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Here's a collection I like to think of this as the next best thing to an active www.creedthoughts.gov.www/creedthoughts.

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The Infinite Wisdom Of Lucille Bluth, Just In Time For Mother’s Day

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With Mother's Day falling smack dab in the middle of our Arrested Development on Netflix final countdown, it would be silly not to revisit all the motherly pearls of wisdom the matriarch of the Bluth Family


Immerse Yourself In The Infinite Wisdom Of Raylan Givens

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Let's take a moment to review all the things Raylan Givens has taught us over three seasons shooting people first and asking questions later.


Best Of #: ‘Happy Endings’ Brad And Jane

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They represent the married couple all married couples should strive to be so their single friends don't hate them.


The Best Of #Dennis Reynolds

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Today we recognize sociopathic gentleman Dennis Reynolds and his ever evolving dickishness.


The Best Of ‘New Girl’s’ #Schmidt

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here's a tribute to America's new favorite lovable douchebag. I'd be lying if I said these GIFs and quotes don't help his case.


The Best Of #Ben Wyatt

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It's finally here. The week Parks and Recreation returns!


The Best Of #Gemma Teller

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That I see Katey Sagal now and think Gemma Teller and not Peggy Bundy is probably the greatest testament to her work on SOA.


The Best Of #Omar Little

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Today we present the best Omar Little-related everything that Tumblr has to offer.


The Best Of #True Romance

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Tony Scott's movies were at best brilliant and at worst watchable. If I had to pick my desert island Tony Scott movie it would without out a doubt be True Romance.


The Best Of 'Happy Endings' #Penny Hartz

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Thanks to our ongoing love affair with the show you should all be fans by now, anxiously anticipating the return this fall. As a reward here's all the Penny Hartz you can handle to brighten your day.


The Very Best Of 30 Rock’s ‘Doctor’ Leo Spaceman

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As 30 Rock's Dr. Leo Spaceman, Chris Parnell has once again proven that he is one of the most underrated and funniest actors on TV.


The Best Of #Between Two Ferns

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Between Two Ferns is the funniest web series that ever series'd and Funny or Die's greatest contribution to the internet. These are indisputable facts.

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The Best Of #George Michael Bluth

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With Jason Bateman tweeting out photos of Michael Cera reprising the role of George Michael Bluth I can't think of a better time to pay tribute to one of my five favorite Arrested Development characters.


The Best Of #Dodgeball

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With Vaughn and Stiller teaming up eight years later in an attempt to replicate "just enough" with The Watch now feels like the time to take a look back at the best GIFs, images, and photoshops from Dodgeball.


The Best Of Non-Spoilery #Bane GIFs

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This week's edition of everyone's favorite (right?) GIF-heavy Monday feature is a bit of a compromise.

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