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LeBron James Owns Bill Walker With A Facial

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I was joking on Twitter last night that LeBron could've dunked on Bill Walker 54 times and it wouldn't change Skywalker's opinion of him.


LeBron & D-Wade Dunk All Over New York; Joe Johnson Is An Animal

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The Knicks decided real basketball was for the birds, and started launching a monsoon of treys.


You Be The Judge: Should Kevin Garnett Be Suspended?

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In case you missed it, after Kevin Garnett missed a jumper at the buzzer, he then decided to use his Jedi Force push on Bill Walker's neck, cuffing the former Celtic and throwing him out of his face.


NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The New York Knicks

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If there's one thing fantasy basketball owners should know, it's that a team coached by Mike D'Antoni is a team to embrace.


The Top 10 NBA YouTube All-Stars

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Basketball historians and old heads must have mixed feelings about YouTube.


NBA Draft: The Best Player To Go Undrafted Will Be Kansas State’s Jacob Pullen

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There's a reason that basketball has been thriving again in Manhattan, Kansas.


Bill Walker Rudely Dismisses Spencer Hawes


Bill Walker hasn't exactly lit the New York basketball scene on fire this season, but dude can still get up.


STAT & ‘Melo Dominate In Miami; Another 30-20 Game For Kevin Love

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Mike Tirico said it best: "Is it me, or does this feel like a playoff game.


Behind the Scenes of Carmelo Anthony’s debut as a Knick

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MADISON SQUARE GARDEN -- Carmelo Anthony delivered the blow, full-impact right in the face of his opponent, then broke into a speedy yet awkward backpedal, looking like a man built to play defensive end trying to imitate a cornerback.


Bill Walker Absolutely Crushed On Andrew Bogut

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As we said in Smack: Bill Walker should have gotten a tech for hurting Andrew Bogut's feelings last night.

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Paul Millsap channels Karl Malone as Utah shocks Miami

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Last night we saw the best and the worst of the Miami Heat.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 4.15

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Beast of the Night: Stephen Curry finished his stellar first season in the NBA with a bang, finishing with 42 points, 4 threes, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 1 block and 2 turnovers.


New Jersey Drive: Nets upset NBA title contender for 6th win

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If you thought last Thursday's loss to the Cavs was a sign the Celtics don't have enough in the tank to win a championship this year, Saturday's loss to the New Jersey Nets -- yes, we said the New Jersey Nets -- was all the confirmation you needed.

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Fantasy Analysis: T-Mac to NYC, Nate to Boston, Tyrus to Charlotte and More

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Tracy McGrady is finally a Knick, Nate Robinson is a Celtic and Tyrus Thomas has transformed from a sulky Bull into a brooding Bobcat.


Done Deal: Nate Robinson To Boston In 5-Player Deal

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The Nate Robinson saga is finally complete. After differing reports for the past two days, Newsday's Alan Hahn says that the trade is official: Robinson and Marcus Landry for Eddie House, J.

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The Best Dunk Contest Nobody Is Talking About

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It seems this year's All-Star Weekend is just full of dunk contests.

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