Oculus Rift Justified: Warner Bros. Is Making A Virtual Reality Version Of The Batcave

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Not just any Batcave either -- it's the version from 'Batman: The Animated Series'.

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Bruce Timm Returns To The DC Animated Universe With ‘Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles’

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One of the key minds behind 'Batman: The Animated Series' is finally back creatively with a new series.


The New Bruce Timm Batman Short Is Amazing

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Bruce Timm's new Batman short is a heavy dose of 90s nostalgia...


The Mastermind Behind ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Is Returning To Batman

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Bruce Timm, mastermind of 'Batman: The Animated Series', is returning to Batman at last.


Zack Snyder And Bruce Timm Made An Animated Short For Superman’s 75th Anniversary

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Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm, the artist behind the Superman: The Animated Series, teamed up to create this 2-minute short film that honors the 75th anniversary of DC’s most celebrated comic book superhero.


Bruce Timm Not Leaving the DC Animated Universe

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Bruce Timm, the artist who largely defined the DC Animated Universe and is one of its key producers, isn't going anywhere. But he is working on a personal project.


The 10 Best Episodes Of “Batman: The Animated Series”

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Words By Dr Hip-Hop | @DrHipHop85 The 1990s redefined the American action cartoon.


Conan O’Brien’s The Flaming C Gets A Trailer And Art Exhibit


Conan O'Brien and Bruce Timm crashed Warner Bros.


Conan O’Brien’s The Flaming C Returns To Young Justice


Back in December, Conan O’Brien Last month Warner Brothers Animation sent Conan a clip of The Flaming C standing in for Superman in an episode of Cartoon Network's "Young Justice".


Conan O’Brien’s Flaming C Gets an Action Figure

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Last month Conan O'Brien had Bruce Timm draw him as a superhero, (video below).


Conan O’Brien on DC Heroes Who Suck

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Conan O'Brien sat down with the Creative Director of Warner Brothers Animation, Peter Gerardi, to discuss some of the DC superheroes that were of lesser quality, in that they totally suck.

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