This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Hit The Gas While Going Through The Car Wash

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Combined with the Quick Quack Car Wash jingle, this video makes for a surreal advertisement.

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This Bus Driver Demonstrates Why You Should Never Start A Fight With A Bus Driver

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This Chilean bus driver wasn't sticking around to let these guys attack him, so escapes and makes sure they can't follow in one swift move.


This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive After This Insane Motorcycle Crash

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Luck and quick reflexes are two good things to have.


Friday Face-Off: A Penguin Fetches A Newspaper vs. Psychotic Boyfriend In A Truck

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Today's Friday Face-Off is brought to you buy Kayaking Dog, who popped up at Imgur earlier this week and quickly stole the Internet's heart.

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Jackass’s Ryan Dunn dies in car crash (Update)

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UPDATE: TMZ now reports that Dunn was the driver of the 2007 911 Porsche GT3, which was "fully engulfed in flames" when police found it.


Chinese Car Crashes Are Awesome

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Deadspin found this video of a compilation of Chinese car crashes that is simply breathtaking in its total disregard for human life.


This Crash Doesn’t Look Very Fun

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I’m not much of a rally car racing fan, as I’m more into drifting my Civic while I wear a sleeveless mesh shirt and listen to P.


Once again, I blame Twilight

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In addition to failed marriages, dead cats, and house husbands writing poetry, you can now add car crash to the list of terrible things Twilight may have indirectly caused.



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I tried to warn Jerry Bruckheimer he was tempting fate with all these awful Nic Cage movies, but no one listened and now this happened.

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