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Dave Grohl And The Foo Fighters Gave Us The Best Ice Bucket Challenge, And It’s Not Even Close

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If you're only going to watch one more Ice Bucket Challenge video, make it this one, from Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters.


You're All Going To Laugh At These Parents Angry Over 'Carrie: The Musical'

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Only in Connecticut would a staging of 'Carrie: The Musical' be controversial for reasons other than being terrible.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: Lee Daniels’ The Butler Is In Love With A Church Girl

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Morton Salt has your guide to this week's new DVDs, including Riddick, Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now and more.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Freddy Krueger For Halloween, Partied With Lindsay Lohan

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Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended a Halloween party as Freddy Krueger and hung out with Lindsay Lohan. The horror!


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘Carrie’ < ‘Kyrie’

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Opening Everywhere: Carrie, Escape Plan, The Fifth Estate Opening Somewhere: 12 Years a Slave, All is Lost FilmDrunk Suggests: Not 12 Years a Slave, if you read Vince’s review.


Review: Why The ‘Carrie’ Remake Fails

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The 'Carrie' remake now in theaters is, a few bright spots aside, a depressing misfire. And in multiple ways, to boot.


A Carrie Virgin Reports from the Carrie Premiere

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately, because of my many duties as a racecar-driving dog wrestler, I wasn't able to attend my press screening of Carrie, which opens tomorrow.


Three Dumb Arguments Against The ‘Carrie’ Remake

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There are great arguments against remaking "Carrie." These are not those arguments.


This ‘Carrie’ And ‘Cinderella’ Trailer Mash-Up Is Pretty Great


Seeing as Stephen King's Carrie was sort of based on Cinderella, this mashup of the Carrie and Cinderella trailers makes perfect sense.

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VIDEO: Sony’s fake telekinesis prank promoting Carrie

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Sony recently staged a stunt at a coffee shop in New York ('Snice Cafe near NYU) where they had an actor pretend to spill coffee on a girl, who then choke-hoists him up a wall using "telekinesis" (harnesses behind the wall).

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‘Carrie’ Coffee Shop Prank Serves Up Telekinesis With A Side Order Of Cynicism

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"What if telekinesis were real?" asks the publicity team for 'Carrie', who set up a telekinesis prank at the 'Snice Cafe in NYC's West Village.


‘Carrie’ Is Officially Rated R, According To A New TV Spot

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The remake of 'Carrie' is so proud of its MPAA rating it made a TV spot for it.

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They’re All Going To Laugh At You In The New ‘Carrie’ TV Spot

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We’re still a month away from the theatrical release of the remake of the 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie, but the fiery new TV spot is going to have all the cool kids shaking in their UGGs.

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Why Are There Barely Any Horror Movies This Halloween?

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2013 has been great for horror movies... but there's barely any of them coming out around Halloween.


GammaSquad’s 2013 Fall Movie Preview

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2013 is wrapping up surprisingly light on genre movies... but there are some movies for nerds headed to theaters.


Chloe Moretz Ruins Prom For Everyone In The New ‘Carrie’ Trailer

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The second trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s Carrie hit the YouTubes this week, and with Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore leading the way, it’s hard to imagine that this version won’t be at least a little better than most remakes.


Trailer for the ‘Carrie’ remake: Chloe Moretz is a weird loner, okay, sure

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Carrie is a Stephen King story about the weird girl in school who gets teased and tormented mercilessly until her period unleashes the telekinetic power within, basically your typical uterine-sloughings-as-mind-bullets narrative.


Coming Soon: ‘Afterlife With Archie’ Imagines Riverdale With Zombies

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Normally I like to leave the actual comic book news to my bros at Gamma Squad, because they actually read them and know what they’re talking about, but today I noticed a headline and immediately thought, “Damn it, this is going to be a movie.


Carrie Remake Trailer: Chloe Moretz goes to blood prom

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After the first few images leaked yesterday, today we have the teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King's Carrie, directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry) and starring Chloë Moretz.


Hey Everyone, It’s Chloe Moretz As Carrie

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New York Comic-Con took place over the weekend, and you can check out the most important stuff (read: awesome costumes) over at Gamma Squad, but there’s considerable buzz today over the details that were announced regarding the remake of the 1976 horror classic Carrie.

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