A California Teen Found Chicken Organs In His Meal At KFC And All He Wants Is A Refund

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This kid got a bit more than he paid for with his meal at KFC, namely some chicken organs.

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Meet The Florida Man Who Allegedly Offered A Chicken-For-Sex Deal To An Undercover Cop

By | 7 Comments

Steven Torres is accused of offering chicken to an undercover officer in an attempt to buy sex.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Barbecuing

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Sick of dry chicken and grey steak? Here's how to get the best barbecue, every time.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Chicken Thief Felt So Guilty That She Sent An Apology Note To Kentucky Fried Chicken With Cash

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The owner of a Nebraska KFC got a nice apology note from a guilt ridden customer who took more chicken than she needed.

russell brand

Russell Brand Destroys A Trashy Newspaper Over Their Manufactured Halal Chicken Controversy

By | 9 Comments

Russell Brand takes The Sun to task after they created a controversy over chicken pizza.


Domino’s Finally Gives The World What It Desperately Needed: Pizza On Top Of Fried Chicken

By | 8 Comments

Domino's Pizza has unveiled their newest nationwide sensation: Pizza With Chicken For A Crust.


Korean Food Truck Celebrated For Its Chicken Banned In San Antonio Over Its Spicy Name: ‘CockAsian’

By | 7 Comments

CockAsian, a food truck famous for its spicy chicken, has been banned in San Antonio over its racy name.


Video: Popeye’s Introduces Its ‘Top Secret’ New Chicken Tenders

By | 11 Comments

Popeye's will release its newest chicken tenders on Monday, July 29 with a very special ingredient, so allow us to spoil the surprise for you.

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