Wingstop Is Launching ‘Thighstop’ To Combat Our National Wing Shortage

Today, Wingstop announced that they’d be launching Thighstop, a virtual fried chicken concept that will serve the chain’s eleven flavors smothered on your choice of bone-in or boneless thighs, which would make Wingstop the only national fried chicken chain doing dark meat-only chicken nuggets. A huge win for people who love flavor!

Who knows, if this ends up a success, we might actually see the juicier more flavorful (and cheaper) dark meat hit menus at the competition, too. A thigh-based Popeyes chicken sandwich? We’ll take three. Wingstop announced the new move with an ad campaign starring Rick Ross, and now I can’t wait until the moment I can say “nah we doin’ thighs” the next time someone suggests we hit some wings.

According to CNBC, Wingstop launched Thighstop in an effort to offset the strain that has been placed on chicken production nationwide, which has resulted in an almost 20 cent price hike on chicken wings per pound compared to last year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that puts the cost of chicken wings at $2.72 per pound, on average.

CNBC also reports that the National Chicken Council (hilarious title but very necessary) has confirmed that the number of broiler chickens raised for meat fell four percent in the first quarter of this year, but production has begun to pick up since April. Here’s to hoping this minor chicken shortage won’t lead to higher wing prices nationwide, but if we have to eat a few sauce-drenched chicken thighs to help keep things in balance, we’ll gladly take up that challenge.

Thighstop will be available for delivery or carryout at approximately 14,000 Wingstop locations nationwide through DoorDash or online at for pickup from your nearest participating Wingstop.