Here’s Where To Get Deals For National Fried Chicken Day

07.06.17 2 years ago 4 Comments


When summer rolls around, you can bet foods like ribs, corn on the cob, burgers, hot dogs, and (most importantly) fried chicken aren’t far behind. There’s just something blissfully nostalgic about summer foods. It’s almost as if biting into a crispy, steaming piece of fried chicken brings us back to our childhoods, sitting outside in the sun, our fingers (and chins) covered in greasy goodness without a care in the world.

Here to take advantage of that childhood summer bliss is National Fried Chicken Day. The day when you can throw your diet out the window and bask in the glow of extra crispy days gone by. Plus, you can do it without paying a fortune because there are deals and specials to be had all over the country.

(Or you can literally drop a cool $100 on a plate, like our correspondents did. Totally your call)

NOTE: We know that some of these are just “deals” and some aren’t tied to the day itself. We’re just trying to help you eat for cheap!

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