#The Americans

Turns Out The CIA Keeps A Close Eye On What Sort Of Information Is Included In FX’s ‘The Americans’

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'The Americans' sometimes has to face a very tough editor to get shows on the air: The Central Intelligence Agency.


Oliver Stone Took A Break From His Edward Snowden Movie To Chat About Ukraine And The CIA On Facebook

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Oliver Stone is hard at work on his new Edward Snowden movie, but he's still got time for a good CIA conspiracy theory.

State of Affairs

The CIA Is Using Twitter To Troll Katherine Heigl’s New NBC Show

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The CIA is going on Twitter to "correct" errors in Katherine Heigl's new spy show, "State of Affairs."


The CIA Joins Twitter And Displays A Surprising Sense Of Humor

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The CIA joins Twitter, and unfortunately, their first tweet was kinda funny.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: The General Petraeus Scandal


The CIA scandal centered around General David Petraeus's affair receives the Taiwanese animation treatment, and it is equal parts absurd and hilarious.

General Petraeus

It Didn’t Take Long For Amazon Reviewers To Begin Making General Petraeus Penis Jokes

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First Carrie Mathison, now General Petraeus — what's going on in the CIA?


Peyton Hillis Won't Get Tagged, But He Might Get Bugged

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From ESPN's Adam Schefter today come two revelations about Peyton Hillis, one surprising, one not so much.


FYI, The CIA Is Monitoring Your Twitter And Facebook


Hey remember that Facebook wall post you made calling for Obama to be impeached for trying to force "Obamacare" down your throat.

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