The CIA’s Twitter Account Got Trolled After Inexplicably Posting About Valentine’s Day

Pretty much every brand has a social media team, attempting to make companies seem not only more human but also Good at Twitter, making jokes and participating in memes, just like everyone else. But sometimes they go too far. On Valentine’s Day, no less than CIA — perhaps inspired by a First Couple who actually clearly love each other — tried to get in on the action, with the agency’s Twitter account sending out their spin on a wink-wink “roses are red” poem. And that’s when one of the most secretive and scary wings of the American government learned what it’s like to get owned on Twitter.

It began innocently, with an attempt at a cute post: “Roses are red, violets are blue, happy Valentine’s Day, from the CIA to you!” Awww, the agency criticized for human rights violations, domestic wiretapping, and overseas malfeasance hopes you’re doing okay during this pandemic-era holiday! Alas, people didn’t take kindly to the controversial intelligence service trying to be cute.

Some simply thought it was weird.

Others did not take to it kindly.

Many made jokes.

But the most common way to respond was by quote-tweeting them with another “roses are red” poem,” but about their heinous history.

In any case, it doesn’t appear a brand, if you will, has been this trolled since whatever’s been going on with Mr. Peanut during the pandemic.